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INSEAD Alumni rise to the challenge of COVID-19

These are difficult times of uncertainty and anxiety. As most of the world grapples with this new reality, India and her 1.3 billion people are under an unprecedented lockdown. What the people of India face today with Covid-19 is one of the largest challenges in humankind. Every effort, every step will make a difference.

As India's cases rise, the poor have been hit very hard by the lockdown, it’s time for the community to come together and support the people and society during this pandemic.

  • Millions of migrants and daily laborers have lost their source of income and now do not know where their next meal is going to come from. Just INR 7000 (<USD 100) can support a family for a month.
  • Thousands of healthcare heroes need medical equipment and their needs are urgent!
  • “Business as a force for good” is a flag carried high by our alumni. In true INSEAD spirit, multiple alumni teams across the globe are driving such initiatives. This is the time to show what we as a community stand for. We have an amazing, unparalleled network and we can unite to leverage the collective strength and power of our alumni to fight this epidemic and make a difference in our nations

    Many thanks for making a difference!

    INSEAD Alumni Team India


    GiveIndia receives beneficiary profile and needs from trusted nonprofit partners and networks

    GiveIndia also directly verifies the validity of the beneficiary’s monetary need (including checking Aadhar and Ration card details)

    Funds are disbursed through our trusted nonprofit partners who will adhere to GiveIndia’s due-diligence framework

    GiveIndia will also conduct a verification visit, when feasible given the current conditions


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    500 families still need support

    The only way to stop the spread of the virus is to prevent it. Let’s come together and help India fight Coronavirus.

    500 families still need support

    How you can help

    You can be a part of the solution to provide a safety-net for the thousands of poor labourers who have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus

    ₹ 7,000

    Helps 1 family in a tier 1 city for a month

    ₹ 5,000

    Helps 1 family in a tier 2 city for a month

    Cash in their hands helps to

    Pay basic essentials

    Buy basic rations to feed their families

    Survive sudden loss of income due to COVID-19

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